[noun proj-ekt, -ikt]

1.  something that is 
      devised, or planned;
      plan; scheme.

2.  a large or major
      especially one
     considerable money,
     personnel, and

Alex Murphy - Project Professional

I've been responsible for both project management and administration; serving as both the lead/manager as well as the assistant/adminstrator on efforts from large to small.    Using both standard and creative methods of providing status reports, not only have I been successfull at  ensuring project milestones are met, I've managed to gain recognition and generate excitement for progress and efforts by catching the attention of upper management and executives.

Sometimes it's a tricky thing to keep a project on schedule while also meeting every desire and expectation of the client.  It's more than just addressing project creep -- it's being able to recognize, escalate and document trouble issues to ensure correct tracking, replication and resolution, identifying risks and mitigation.

As both a participant and leader of conference calls, meetings and planning sessions, it is my mission to make sure a gathering of resources wastes no time.  Agendas are important, so are minutes/memorialization of proceedings.  Meetings are a great way to translate discussions into written documentation that can be used for training, support material, and status updates, but should not be held simply for the benefit of saying they took place.  Considering how much each person is paid per hour and multiplying that by the number of attendees; that reality should be measured against how productive the meeting is expected to be.  Sometimes a few phone calls or emails will suffice!

The main goal is to ensure the project team delivers results on time with a high level of customer satisfaction.    I use my excellent user interface skills to instill a high level of confidence in the product & process, shaping a rewarding experience during the project phase that will serve as the basis for a friendly and productive long-term working relationship.
Project Accomplishments

Coordinated and successfully completed major Operating System upgrade, moving 665 desktops to a new OS, including planning for hardware replacements, scheduling vendors, handling troubleshooting and performing high-profile upgrades for executives and high visibility business units, completing the task ahead of schedule and helping M&T Bank avoid huge financial penalty.

Assisted Project Manager in implementing the Avamar (EMC) solution for distributed backups at M&T Bank. Performed essential tasks that led to timely project completion by managing meetings, SharePoint project site, creating and maintaining a highly visible dashboard, writing important documentation and coordinating software installations across multiple platforms.

• Backup Project scope change required elimination of tape Milestone to occur 3 months ahead of schedule, achieved
   goal by effectively coordinating software upgrades on an accelerated schedule.

Primary client-facing party for Thomson Reuters Goverment division’s "Sigma Systems" product delivery. Responsible for representing project & development teams, ensuring delivery of all training, documentation, testing and support. Serviced ten jurisdictions in the US, Canada, Virgin Islands and South Africa.

• Established valuable and rewarding relationships with clients, helping them increase utility of software by anticipating
   needs and providing economical enhancements and upgrades to existing systems. This often involved justification of
   needs and requirements to higher administrations, town and county boards. Worked through request, work-order,
   and contract and billing phases.
• Involved with efforts from low level data entry operations to high level statistical analysis by serving as the project &
   product liaison between developers and clients using the product.
• Coordinated software and documentation distribution via web-based utilities.
• Assisted in project scope definition, serving as tester, trainer and documentation provider.

Located and opened Buffalo, NY office for nationally operated Manatron Inc., assuming all administrative responsibilities for both  projects and ongoing support efforts.  Reached out to retain clients from a legacy product line during the start-up period becoming the "face" of the product.

• Generated additional billable projects that increased profit margin and enabled business unit to build on base support
   revenue. This included products such as on-line comparables, income analysis, image storage and Geographic
   Information Systems (GIS) modules.
• Successfully reached out to past clients that generated project work on a time and material basis. This facilitated the

   continuation of relationships and income opportunities even when the client had discontinued their support contract,
   also re-establishing relationships with those who unsuccessfully attempted to migrate away.

Served as primary project and product support resource for 20 government jurisdictions using Computer Assisted  Mass Appraisal (CAMA) software, ranging from towns with small, largely residential inventories to large cities with high parcel counts, complex inventories (commercial, condo and residential), to consortiums of multiple counties with varied residential, commercial and agricultural valuation requirements. Assisted with the creation of proposals and responses to RFPs.

• Project administration for 25 existing and new installations, some jurisdictions adopting CAMA for first time.  Increased

   staff knowledge not only in application usage, but introduced many to keyboards, mouse, and general computer tasks
   for the first time, making more efficient workers outside of the application.
• Served as project team interface and support laision for statewide consortiums in Massachusetts (DOR/CSC), NY
  (ORPS) and Washington (3 counties) resulting in experience with higher parcel counts and meeting a wide range of
  needs with a single product.  These jurisdiction were in near constant "project mode" which required ongoing support
  of development efforts while also ensuring a stable production environment.

Managed a major Point of Sale (POS) upgrade for both a national entertainment retailer as well as a small regional Drug, Health & Beauty chain.

• Managed the upgrade process from start to finish, swapping out a large number of terminals with upgraded
  technology, feeding all hardware into a maintenance depot that transitioned to servicing all repair needs.
• Served as laision between vendors and the organization, periodically presenting status reports to the Board of
• Projects realized substantial cost savings and superior sales tracking capabilities, creating increased confidence in
   corporate information management & support.