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10 things that mean a lot

  • Associate a face with a phrase or situation
  • Use Linked-In to connect names to faces
  • Practice:
    • in your spare time
    • before & during meetings
  • Read name plates when travelling around the office
  • Introduce yourself whenever possible to diffuse stressful situations
  • Say the name whenever you meet

Remeber Names

  • People who feel connected collaborate more effectively
  • Identify a commonality with everyone you meet
    • let them know what it is
  • When performing introductions, point out connections
  • Connections can be proximal, relational, coincidental:
    • from same town, sit close by
    • same school, family, belong to a club or organization
    • same first name, same birthday

Make Connections

Be Happy
  • You are in full control of your attitude
  • Practice your smile and use it at every opportunity
    • be the one who lights up a room
    • smile like you mean it
    • you'll know your attitude is contagious when others smile when they see you - make that your goal
  • Smile before you answer the phone
  • Make sure you leave others happy you've been there

Choose to be Happy

  • View problems as opportunities that will allow you to showcase your ingenuity
  • Be an "original"
    • non-conformists are the ones who change the world
  • Create adaptible ideas
    • encourage collaboration
    • allow room for compromise
  • Accept a no-go gracefully
    • never give up

Be an "Idea" Person

Foster Strong Beliefs

  • Beliefs shape your culture, culture influences actions, and actions drive results
  • Self worth is based on beliefs
  • Soul searching and honesty is needed to identify negative beliefs if they are to be changed
    • destructive beliefs impede and can reverse progress
  • It is your responsibility to strengthen and foster positive beliefs of those who work for you
  • We all must be willing to change our beliefs for the better

Be all of the Gears

  • Don't settle for being a just a cog in the assembly
  • Success means having three important personal attributes:
    • charisma
    • subject matter expertise
    • motivation
  • If you are lacking any of the three attributes, work to obtain them
  • When you become the whole assembly, you  become indispensible
  • Very few people embody the three characteristics
    • be inspired by those who do

Think Inside the Box too

  • Be aware of constraints and creatively work within realistic boundaries
  • It takes discipline
    • focusing effort saves time
    • many rules & policies exist for a reason
  • Anyone can think all over the place, it takes talent and ingenuity to create within a defined set of parameters
  • There is a time and place for thinking outside of the box, learn to identify when your field is wide open or if it is clearly delineated
  • Dare to be the person in the meeting without a cell phone
  • Respect the agenda
  • Stay awake
    • don't be lulled by the material, instead focus on the speaker
    • a person is talking to you, act as if it is just you two in the conversation
  • Provide feedback
    • always find something positive to say
  • Don't just show up, add value


  • Compassion is more important than humor
    • never joke at another's expense
  • There is no place for sarcasm
    • it is uncreative and disprespectful
  • Be willing to say "I was wrong" without defending yourself
  • Read visual cues and back-off  before you offend
  • Accept "I don't know" as a viable answer
    • encourage an answer at a later date
    • enlighten when needed
  • Don't punish someone if he/she is simply telling you the truth

Respect Everyone

  • Chart your career
    • treat each assignment as step along that path
    • deviate if a good opportunity favors a detour
  • Keep your tasks on track
    • create project/task plans
    • don't schedule unecessary meetings
    • organize each meeting with an agenda
    • keep "billable hours" in mind when determining if an effort or meeting will be cost effective
  • Keep track of where you've been and what you've done

Stay on Track